DMSi - Design System

A New Design System for DMSi’s Agility

With DMSi moving their primary tool to the web and no existing product to date, it was clear a design system needed to begin. By creating a user interface pattern library in sketch the team is able to create rapid prototypes, and rapid iteration for screen and mod completion. The system was design from the very foundational principles of design, up to color, and all the way up to components. All components have been built with atomic theory - starting with the atoms and ending at the layouts. As a design system is a product serving a product, and will never be complete, this tool is under constant monitoring and updated anytime changes are made to the UI or code structure.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 9.05.59 PM.png

Tools of the trade

Our team utilizes Storybook as the code sandbox for the components for use by the developers. On the design side, I lead the team that maintains the pattern library built within Sketch.